by The E Of 3

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This is my first solo effort. A self written, performed, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered album inspired by so many different sources. Mostly, introspection, beauty, family, sex, improvisation and experimentation. Experimentation not only with the music, but the production of the tracks.

The tracks included are, and started out as, just ideas. Ideas spewed out over a spectrum of feelings, sounds, technologies and movement brought together in a small studio and many hours of dedication.

I am thoroughly excited about the outcome of the recordings and how they translate across different media sources. Not only that, but the general sound of the album. I cannot pin point it but the tracks have a very distinct tone from song to song but retain an overall pleasing flavor that makes it consistent when listening to it as a whole or as individual spins.

This album is a big old wish list item that I've been itching to do for some time and I am so damn happy that I finally did it! Hope you enjoy it too fellow humans!


released October 21, 2016

(The E Of 3)
Mike Wagner - All instruments except Lizard Man

Jake Wagner - Drums Lizard Man; Vocals on Triskadekaphobia; Hand claps Just Funkin' Around and Triskadekaphobia

Tina Wagner - Vocals on Hourglass; Hand claps Just Funkin' Around and Triskadekaphobia



all rights reserved


The E Of 3 Cherry Hill, New Jersey

The E Of 3 is an experimental music project headed by Mike Wagner. This album is a first for Mike in terms of going it solo. Inspired by so many different artists and genres there's not enough room to list them all. Based out of the New Jersey/Philadelphia region this project is looking to get out and be heard! Hope you enjoy the music! Be kind to each other and dance as often as you can! Cheers! ... more

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Track Name: Hourglass
Hope rain down on me like sunshine
Cross the line smiling, smiling
Let the dreams of souls that passed before me
Shine in my mind like diamond dust
Time and Sand merge into one
Time and Sand make me run
Towards a sound, 12 years now
Before I could finally hear that sound
Track Name: Just Funkin' Around
We're funkin around again tonight
Come on down wont you have a good time
Leave your seat get on your feet
Come on out and funk around tonight

Just funkin around, Funkin around, Funkin around, Funkin around

We're funkin around again tonight
Gonna have a good time baby alright
Head to the show, Everybody, Everybody, Everybody,
Everybody let's go
Leave your seat get on your feet
Bump around and share a smile tonight
Now’s the time, there's no time for No
All we need to do is just let ourselves go
The groove has started it's time to party
Loose yourself to music and funk around

You're feelin it
When youre shakin it
Cause youre movin it
Track Name: Sunshine
Sunlight shines through your hair
You smile at me, but I'm not there
24 hours ago you said to me, Love
Let's get high and set out on the sea

Now I'm not one to fear
My woman, some green, or the blues
So give me what you will
And help me climb this lonesome hill
And I promise you
We'll rise above all this dark and dim light
And find that laugh we had one night
If you would only, come back to me tonight

Walk with me to the open sea my love
And let's try to find the way back
To the here and now
Let the water flow over and clean our souls
And I promise you
We'll rise above all this dark and dim light
Just to find that laugh we had one night
If you would only come back with me tonight
Come back to me tonight
Come back to me tonight
Come back with me tonight
Come back to me tonight
Track Name: Triskaideckaphobia
I'm not afraid of the number 13
Track Name: In The Night
One day in the sun and my mind had undone
And I went rolling away straight for the cliffside
I'm sliding down a slippery slope
And keep careening towards the bottom
The horizon of Mars eventually is crested
And away it goes gently, 50,000 heartbeats later
Track Name: Barry Couda
Make the first move
What are you waiting for?
Every time I take a shot
I always seem to miss the target
Another missed chance is all I see
It's time to make the first move count
Track Name: The Pern
There are no lyrics in porn music damnit!